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Guidelines & Evidence Based Medecine

A long tradition of bracing: Ambroise Paré (Middle-Age)

First half of the 20th century : The plaster cast reduction

2nd half of the 20th century : Modern braces (Shantz & Milwaukee)

2nd half of the 20th century : Modern braces (Milwaukee & Lyon)

Centre des Massues 1978: Stagnara

SOSORT 2015: Katowice

Manual Rigo - Tomasz Kotwivki - Jean Claude de Mauroy

Toru Maruyama - Theo Grivas - Joseph O'Brien - Stefano Négrini

Asymmetrical Rigid Torsion brace (ART brace)

Guidelines SOSORT 2011

Evidence of bracing: BrAIST study

Bracing is recommended for Early Onset Scoliosis


Serial casting & Infantile scoliosis

Bracing is not a prevention for mild scoliosis

Bracing is a treatment for evolutive scoliosis

More than 18 hours/24 at beginning of the treatment

Creep: (see module 13: Initial full time bracing)

Part time bracing in proportion with Cobb angle and age


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