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1 – Handing the Tee Shirt
During the fitting session the special seamless T-shirts are delivered. the patient is explained the need to wash it once before the final placement of the brace. It takes about 3 weeks for the regulation of perspiration with an increased risk of skin allergy during this period.

2 - Fitting directly on the skin
The transparency of the polycarbonate is usually used during the fitting, which will be done directly on the skin.

3 - Progressive tightening with adhesive tape
The 2 hemi-valves are positioned on the iliac crest and blocked at sub-axillary. With the aid of an adhesive tape, the two hemi-valves are brought together, which will press against the trochanter.
The adhesive tape bypasses the patient with the objective of making it grow according to the principle of the mayonnaise tube. The space between the two hemi valves will gradually decrease.
When the adhesive tape reaches the upper part, the tightening is resumed.
Similarly, when the tape arrives at the bottom again, the tightening is resumed and the space between the two hemi-valves decreases again.
Gradually, the child realizes a self-elongation of the trunk.

4 - Trimlines
The orthotist draws trim-lines with a large cut at the chest level.
The lower cut is made 2 cm below the anterior superior iliac spine, which allows a 90 ° sitting position.
The anterior cut is about 2 cm, knowing during the control, there is usually a superposition.
The fitting at the lower part requires a new tightening with inferior overlapping of about 3 cm.
The postero-inferior cut is normal, but the upper cut is much higher to promote kyphotisation of the thoracic region.
Vertical posterior cuts are also 2 cm apart. An additional quarter-moon cut is made at the concavities to facilitate the detorsion sitting or lying down, especially at the lumbar level. These cuts facilitate the check-up of the brace.
The under axillary cutting is very high. It will take about 3 weeks for the shoulders to lower as the spine is untwisted, according to the principle of “corkscrew effect”

5 - Adult Trimlines
The cuts will be different in the adult who presents most of the time a thoracic kyphosis. In this case the postero-superior cut is located at the apex of the kyphosis. The tip of the shoulder blades will be free, which facilitates the corrective movement.
Laterally the sub-axillary cut is inclined at 20 ° upwards and forwards, what is the opposite as for a adolescent scoliosis.

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