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1 - Brace presentation by the orthotist

2 - Explanation of setting-up: how to set-up the brace.

3- Setting up on the patient

4 - Adjusting in supine position

5 - Transfer from the lying position to the sitting position by pivoting on the ischium

6 - First walking tests

7 - Self-elongation by pushing down the brace to release the sub-axillary supports (duck dance)

8 - Closures Demonstration: how to use the ratcheting buckles

9 - Testing the Sitting position: from 90° to 120° for trunk-thigh angle

10 - Removal for first finishing

11 - In general, slight decrease in axillary height

12 - Setting up washable axillary felting

13 - Protection of metal parts

14 - Demonstration of the use of washable axillary foam

15 - The patient puts by herself the brace

16 - Last supine control of the abdominal space

17 - Final signature of the certificate of convenience

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