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1 - How to remove the shoes

2 - Measuring height and wheight in brace

3.- Frontal ans sagittal balance with the plumbline

4 - Transfer Standing -> Supine

5 - Manual adjustment of the anterior median closing at the base of the thorax

6 - Drawing a new reference line (white pen on black closure)

7 - Control of the hips flexion at 90 °

8 - Control the absence of abdominal pressure

9 - Transfer from decubitus-> standing position by pivoting on the ischium

10 - Axillary baby lift Control (thickness of a finger between polycarbonate and skin)

11 - Walking control of frontal and sagittal balance

12 - Control of spirometry without and in-brace (upper closure open)

13 - Sitting Control with 10 cm between the brace and the seat

14 - Sitting control in listening & writing position

15 - Put on the shoes without external help

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