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Editorial: One life with Scoliosis

I had the opportunity to start my professional activity in 1972, at the 'Centre des Massues' in Lyon, under the direction of the famous orthopaedic surgeon Pierre Stagnara. I was responsible for the second Hospitalization Unit of 36 children beds. Since then, I have learned and practiced the Lyon orthopaedic treatment with exercises and braces. Although for 10 years, I helped Pierre Stagnara to operate the children I was in charge of, I quickly specialized in "white" orthopaedics.

Many approaches such as functional electrical stimulation, 3D planar representation and especially the electronic Cad-Cam moulding have helped to improve this treatment and enabled us in 1987,  with the creation of the European Vertebral Deviation Centre,  to treat children in day hospital in France but also in Italy.

In 1978, with Pierre Stagnara and Georges Molon, we wrote a book on Scoliosis Exercises which was translated into Italian by Antonio Negrini, with a second edition in 1990. In 1996, the first book only devoted to conservative orthopaedic treatment was published in France, with solid statistics showing the effectiveness of the Lyon management.

In 1994, the SIRER (International Society of Research and Studies on the Spine) was created, but the language barriers soon became an issue. It's only in 2004, with SOSORT (International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Treatment) I had the honor of presiding in 2013, that exchanges will grow worldwide and promote the development of new treatment concepts.

Always in 2013, advances in computer technology allowed to replace the plaster cast, characteristic of Lyon treatment. This happened thanks to the new Lyon brace (ARTbrace) that for the first time uses the segmental moulding and the concept of detorsion of the twisted column instaed of a three points system.

I am well aware that there will be other approaches and improvements in the coming years; my pride is to have brought a small stone at the building with the certitude that the spirit which we tried to transmit to you, will be spread freely.


Jean Claude de Mauroy de Curière de Castelnau


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